Friday, October 11, 2013

Woman On Flight To Tampa Just Makes Things Worse For Everybody

Feeling overwhelmed?

Then maybe skip this post for awhile. It shows a woman have the Worst Ever Meltdown on a flight, this one bound for Tampa.

Turn down the volume some before watching. She keeps yelling "God is my savior!" as loud and fast as possible. Not the kind of thing to add to a relaxing flight.

Obviously it was a mental healh problem, which is said. But how is it when someone yells uncontrollably, "God is my savior!" on a plane, nobody does much of anything, but when they yell "Allah Akbar!" which is the same thing, all hell breaks loose and people are arrested.

Yes, you want to be careful and prevent a terrorist plot or disaster when somebody is yelling "Allah Akbar," but this gal needed to be restrained too. If only to protect the woman having a meltdown

In any event, no arrests were made, and we can hope the woman is better now.

What do you think, after watching the following video?


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