Sunday, October 6, 2013

While Vermont Leaf Peeping, Looking At The Skies, Too

Mount Mansfield, Vermont.  
Vermont is in the midst of its big annual show, the fall foliage season. There are SO many gorgeous photographs of the bright leaves floating around.  It is a very nice, super colorful foliage season.

I'm just as guilty as everyone else as I head out to view the fall leaves. Sometimes I drive around, and sometimes the foliage photos pop out at me in my own yard.

I've also found myself turning my camera to the skies, too, as for some reason we've had some great clouds and great sky patterns, too.

Some examples of the photos are in this post.

The sky Saturday over St. Albans, Vermont.  

Sugar maple leaves in my St. Albans, Vermont yard.  

The sky over St. Albans at sunset on the first
day fall  

Fall foliage in St. Albans, Vermont  

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