Monday, October 7, 2013

Cheating, "Midgets," Gonorrhea And McDonald's: Is This Embarrasing Video Real Or A Bad Comedy Sketch?

Today, all over this Internet thingy, is a video supposedly of a guy having a meltdown at a McDonald's.
Is the explosion of fake YouTube videos
good, bad, or meh?  

In it, he's on his phone, outraged that his girlfriend, who accuses him of giving her gonorrhea, is cheating on him with someone who he describes as a "midget" (his word, certainly not mine) and he threatens to do something sexual to that person, you know, as punishment.

He wants to have sex with someone who helping his girlfriend cheat?  Some people have the most interesting lives. Or not.

This could be another case of off-the-rails TMI, but more than likely, its yet another one of those fake videos that are just put out there because they are outrageous.

Totally fake, but good for getting eyeballs to look at it, thereby getting web hits and some money for whomever put it out there.

The most famous example is that one of the woman twerking, falling over onto some candles, thereby setting herself on fire. A lot of people thought it was real, but it was a Jimmy Kimmel gag.

I don't even know whether I should be annoyed at these fake videos flooding YouTube. You do feel betrayed when the videos don't reflect reality, and are just somebody's idea of a joke. But geez, we spend our lives watching and consuming fiction for fun. Is this any different?

Of course, most novels, television shows, movies and the like are clearly billed as fiction if they are, and many of these videos don't have such labels. Is it bad that we don't know what's fake and what's real on YouTube? Probably not, but this kind of thing inevitably bleeds over into all kinds of aspects of life.

It just makes us less certain of what's real and what's not in our lives as a whole, and that's unsettling.

So I'm torn. Whether this video is fake or not  puts me on the fence on whether I should be posting this.  But what the hell, it's funny. We'll just assume its fake so that we don't further upset our concept of reality.

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