Monday, October 21, 2013

Ohio State Marching Band One Bright Spot In TV Wasteland Of College Football

What I'm about to say is sacriligious: Jeff and I were lamenting the fact that this past weekend's television offerings were a wasteland of college football.
Ohio State Marching Band almost made football
saturated weekend TV worthwhile. 

It seemed every channel featured a college football game. I know practically everyone in the country LOVES college football, which is why cable television was all football all the time.

But for the handful of weirdos like Jeff and me, who aren't huge fans of the sport, we definitely had to find alternatives to watching TV. Which was just as well.

One highlight of this past weekend's hopeless weekend of college football, though, was the halftime show brought to the public by the Ohio State Marching Band.

The performance, in the video below, is priceless. It was a tribute to Michael Jackson. The best part is the moonwalk you'll see a little after four minutes into the video. Worth the view, for sure.

And maybe Jeff and I will suffer through college football next weekend, in the off chance we might find a similar performance. f

Here's the vid:

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