Sunday, October 20, 2013

Laugh Out Loud: Epic Kid's Meltdown As Acted Out By Her Father

We've all roll our eyes when kids have epic meltdowns.
Dad does his daughter's tantrum, hilariously.  

They get tired and cranky and go into screaming fits.  And it drives us crazy.

We can either get irritated, or do what this dad did when his six year old went into Full Tantrum Mode.

He play acted it. Which took the moment from an obnoxious interlude in family life to something laugh out loud funny.

While his six year old daughter was still having her tantrum, at least the rest o the family got a good laugh from dad.

I laughed out loud when I watched the 40-year-old dad do his thing.

It kind of makes you feel we can all get away with tantrums like that.

In any event, bet you can't resist laughing at the video:

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