Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A $100,000 Chicken Coop. Buy Now!

Seems everybody these days is getting back to the farm, growing vegetables in their yard, keeping chickens for fresh eggs in a shed out back.

This chicken coop comes with
raised garden beds and sells for
only $100,000.
The point of these home grown egg is, of course, their freshness tastes awesome, and you can save a little money.

Unless you rely on Neiman Marcus for all your chicken coop needs. Their new Christmas catalog is out, replete with their usual over the top fantasy gifts. From this catalog,  you can buy a nice chicken coop for your hens for the bargain basement price of $100,000.

Yes, I know the chicken coop is the price of a fair number of houses for people, but your chickens deserve only the best. Even better than what many people live in.

The Neiman Marcus chicken coop is inspired by a French Versailles palace, and has raised beds attached to it. I guess so you can do your gardening while waiting for the eggs to appear.

I suppose this chicken coop is worth it, if you want to coddle your goose that lays the golden eggs.

If you're not into chicken coops, there's other items in the Needless Markup  Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog. You can buy a walk on role in "Annie: The Musical for $30,000.

My mom loves owls and owl art, so there is a painting called "Snowy Owl" by Robert Wilson that goes for the rock bottom price of $70,000.

Or, you could get a dinner for 10 cooked by four top chefs for $250,000.

Cash and  credit cards accepted.

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