Monday, October 8, 2012

Roadkill Cafe Found Not Appetizing

A Kentucky Chinese restaurant is apparently in trouble because its employees brought in roadkill for to satisfy their appetite.

Restaurant personnel insist the roadkill wasn't meant for customers. It was meant for familyt.  But some customers were alarmed by what appeared to be a bloody carcass being brought into the kitchen in a bin, dripping blood on the floor behind it.
Health officials say there will be no roadkill
on this restaurant's menu

The name of the eatery is "Red Flower Chinese Restaurant." I wonder if they should change the name to "Red, Icky Smears on the Kitchen Floor Restaurant."

Meat is expensive these days, and one way to save money, I suppose, is to see what's been run over out on the highway.

The people who run the restaurant say they didn't know they were doing anything illegal.

Still, didn't they worry about getting sick off the meat? How long had the animal been out there, squished by a truck or something and baking on the pavement in the sun?

What else are they finding out there they consider "edible?"  I hope they don't make dinner out of whatever the dog finds in the woods and drags home.

I always hear of people feasting on road kill, or donating it to somebody who needs food. I suppose it might be OK if the meat is immediately refrigerated upon the animal's death. Then thoroughly cooked afterward.

I really hope this is an isolated incident, and we're not eating roadkill at our favorite diner.

Health officials said the Red Flower could reopen after a thorough sanitizing. Several patrons said they wouldn't eat there, though. I guess they weren't enthused by daily special, "Smeared Bambi with Car Tire Glaze."

Just kidding, people.

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