Sunday, October 7, 2012

Two of the Latest, Greatest Stupid Criminals

I got wind of two more stupid criminals today. This is certainly a growth industry isn't it?  An endess supply.

The first guy punched the heck out of his public defender in South Carolina, according to television station WCNC. . I guess the puncher, Lamarcus Williamson, 30, was displeased that he'd just been sentenced to 15 years behind bars. Apparently, Williamson has a pretty long rap sheet. Which just got longer, with that punch. defense attorney.
Larmarcus Williamson, channeling his inner
boxer, seen here lengthening his prison term.

They tacked on another six months to his sentence, and he might face assault charges, which would lengthen his prison term even more. But, I'm sure it felt good in the moment, even if it was that wrong.  I dunno. A minute of feeling good gets you at least six additional months in prison? Not sure that's so hot.

The second guy case is even more stupid, since it wasn't just one moment of idiocy but apparnetly a lifestyle of dumb.

Peter Rosello made a 35 second piece of cinema for YouTube called "Hobo gets NutChecked!!!!"

In it, you see the loser sneak up on an apparently homeless guy and punch him in the balls. That's all over in a few seconds. Then you just have blurry images of the pavement as Rosello runs to his car to get away. It's cinematic history folks.

Or not.

Maybe film school would help.

Of course, it was pretty easy for the police to figure out who Rosello hit, get a statement and figure out Rosello was the guy who did it.  Asked via Facebook why he punched the guy in the nuts, Rosello replied, "it's funnyyyyyyyy"

Rosello really likes his extra exclamation points and letters, doesn't he?

He want on to say he was just screwing around, wants to help the homeless yada yada yada.
Peter Rosello likes punching guys in the nuts, apparently. 

Rosello is the son of one of the Real Housewives of Miami. Oh great.  Maybe we can add a spinoff. "Real Housewives of Miami, or At Least Their Kids, Assault People and Think it's Funnyyyyyyyy"

Meanwhile, his stepfather, Herman Eschevarria said, "It's an unfortunate thing. But it just looks like kids playing. It's not really violent."

No, sucker punching unsuspecting people in the balls is sweet and light and innocent, like a morning kiss. Or something.

The guy who was assaulted isn't amused. He'll press charges, police are investigating and Rosello could be arrested at any time. Arresting officers killed the video star, maybe?

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