Thursday, October 18, 2012

Heartwarming Elephant Rescue to Make You Weepy

I'm a sucker for animal rescues.

In a world where humans too often are cruel to animals, or at best, indifferent, I love it when people go out of the way to help just one animal in need.

Like many people, I need the good stories. Especially since there's all kinds of awful animal stories, like the report on NBC's Today this morning on oragutans being killed by deforestation in Sumatra. (Though the report did discuss a man working to save the animals.)

So I loved the video that has popped up on YouTube over the past week. People with the Amboseli Trust for Elephants learned an eight month old baby calf had become trapped in a shallow well in Kenya, and its mother, Zombe, couldn't get her little one out.

A crew from Amboseli raced to the scene, and you can see their incredibly difficult and frantic work in the video. Stay with the video until the end for the reward.  You might get weepy.

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