Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Host Faints, but QVC Sales Must, MUST Continue!

QVC, the network whose existence is all about merchandising and selling, selling, selling! proved again there's nothing more important than, well, making the sale.

Not even a medical emergency.

They were selling some kids' Android gizmo or something recently when one of the hosts, Cassie Slane, fainted, live on the air.

But co-host Dan Wheeler was there to save the day! Well, sort of. He did ask Slane if she was OK as she was collapsing to the floor. But the quick thinking cameraman quickly cut to an image of the product while Wheeler kept singing the praises of the gizmo and why you should buy it at its low, low, price.

As he's talking, you could hear the clunk and bang of Slane hitting the floor. Hey, sales have got to continue, even if part of the sales force dies, right. Commerce and capitalism above all else!

On the bright side, Slane is fine. She collapsed because she was suffering from low blood sugar but has reportedly recovered. But Russell could not have known that when she fell. She could have died of a heart attack for all he knew.

But, maybe they would have given him a bigger sales commission if Slane was out of the picture, who knows?

Anyway, here's the disturbing video so you can see for yourself:

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