Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Porsche in Cement

The video in this post has been up and out there for a good eight months, but it's getting traction, so to speak, as major sites like Huffington Post pick it up.

The video's popularity stems from the fact we all love a good case of schadenfreude. In this case, the driver of a Porsche got impatient waiting in traffic at a construction site. So he zoomed around the queue of cars and hit......a lot of wet cement.

Lots of people like the sense of karma in this.

Reportedly, the guy had to pretty much get the entire undercarriage and break system replaced on the car. Oh well, he can afford it. I would enjoy being a fly on the wall during a conversation with the car insurance company, though.

Watch the video for yourself. The best part is the comments from bystanders.

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