Monday, October 1, 2012

The Great Car Talk Bad Pun Employee Roster

One of the joys of the NPR show "Car Talk" is the employee credits at the end. They make up ridiculous job titles, and bad puns for the names of these employees.

Tom and Ray Magliozzi, the Car Talk guys, have
an incredible roster of aptly named employees.
For instance, we all know the law firm they rely upon is Dewey Cheatham and Howe. Their Russian chauffer is Pikov Andropov.

Now, in the interest of public service, Click and Clack have listed everybody who has ever worked at their headquarters at Car Talk Plaza. There's hundreds of 'em. It's a fantastic time waster if you like silly, groaner puns like me.

Some of my favorites out of the list of hundreds include:

Local News Reporter: Phil Mataleven
Anger Management Coach: Kirsten Hollered.
Bail Bond Provider: Freida Gogh.
Chief Accountant: Candace B. Rittenoff
Chief Information Officer: Otto Delupe
Children's Music Programmer: Al Lowetta
Conflict Resolution Specialist: Hugo Origo.
Corporate Spokesman: Hugh Lyon Sak
Director of Country Music: Stan Beyerman
Book Reviewer: Odessa Paige Turner
Emergency Preparedness Director: Ron Lykell
Lighting Director: Shanda Lear
Martial Arts Trainer: Anita Degroine
Pedestrian Advocate: Jay Walker
Press Secretary: Don B Zonozzi
Second shift meteorologist: Claudio Vernite

Feel free, readers, to make up your own names of people to match their corresponding jobs.

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