Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Butterfly and the Confused Rhododendron

I took at walk the other day in Burlington, Vermont's Waterfront Park because it was such a nice, mild afternoon.

The park has a lot of rhododendrens, and I saw they were confused. They had bloomed riotously back in May, as they normally do, then the shrubs spent the summer being nice and green, like they're supposed to.

Now, their leaves were turning autumn red, as usual, but something else was going on. The spring rhododendren blooms were back. Very odd. I guess the shrubs were  just pining for spring already.

A migrating monarch butterfly wasn't so confused. He stopped on the shrubs to fuel up for his or her long trip south. I caught the moment.

It was certainly worth taking my lunchtime walk that day.

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