Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guy With Cocaine Nose Makes Headlines

Given the fact that I never snort cocaine, I was unaware the drug could practically wipe your nose right off your face. 

Some millionaire from Britain blew most of his money on blow -- snorting coke every day. His nose collapsed, Leading to a very embarrassing mug shots, to say the least, and an awesome headline from the Daily Mail:

The resulting disaster to the guy's face has been all over this Internet thingy for a couple weeks now.  .

Apparently, cocaine eats away at the cartilage in the septum, which causes one's nose to collapse. Well, if this guy hasn't managed to lose all his money on drugs, I wonder if plastic surgery will help.

If this guy keeps snoring coke, will his entire face collapse?

It's amazing so many people abuse drugs that wreck your looks, not to mention your mind and your legal record. To wit: There's a famous series of photographs that shows how meth ages people damn quickly. The photos use mug shots taken of meth addicts. Not much time has elapsed between each set of photos.

The say crack is whack. I guess almost every popular drug has its drawbacks.

The only drug of choice that I consume is beer. Too much could lead to a beer belly, of course, so I'll need to stay moderate on my consumption, definitely.

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