Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Let Alligators Chomp Through Your Kids' Birthday Party!

A Florida entrepreneur has come up with an ingenious plan to spice up children's birthday parties. Outdo all your neighbors by bringing little, but real alligators to swim with the kids at the pool party!

Can I pet the alligator? CHOMP!
The AP article is written by Tamara Lush, who used to be a colleague of mine at the Burlington (Vt.) Free Press, but now works for AP in Florida.

I can certainly understand why Tamara works down in Florida. The news certainly has more of a flair than it does in Vermont. For instance, I'm not aware of any alligator pool parties in the Green Mountain State.

Cow plop contests, yes, but no alligators

I do have some questions on this alligator party idea.  Maybe Tamara can follow up and answer them.

Does the alligator pool party gig cost an arm and a leg?   BA DUM DUM.

I also wonder if  small alligators in a swimming pool send the wrong message? "Daddy, let's get some bigger ones! Timmy's been picking on me, maybe he'll want to swim with a big one!"

Does chlorine get blood out of pool water?

What other animals could we dump into swimming pools to liven up the party atmosphere?  Jelly fish are good if you want to get late staying guests to leave. Just push them in the pool when you start to yawn. They'll leave in a hurry.

Does anyone in Florida have a swimming pool big enough for sharks? That would make for an interesting party, too.  Manatees would be fun, but what do you feed them? Do they eat birthday cake?

Even if the alligators or other animals don't eat the children, there are other obligations. What if they poop in the pool? I guess that's manageable, because kids do, too, I suppose.

Here in Vermont, tropical creatures won't work at pool parties. It's too cold. I'm wondering what dangerous types of animals we could use, to get a similar business going here. Porcupines and skunks at a pool party, anyone?

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