Monday, October 22, 2012

Don't Take Heroin to a Murder Trial

A New York teacher has gotten in trouble for bringing refreshments to a murder trial, a proceeding in which he was a juror.

The reason he is in trouble is said refreshments consisted of 18 small bags of heroin, according to New York authorities.

Teacher Damien Esteban looks glum after
being caught with a bit of heroin when
he reported to jury duty. Oops
I've covered enough trials as a journalist to understand that court trials can get pretty tedious, even if the alleged crime in question is spectacular.

So I don't blame him for wanting help to get through the day. But heroin? Isn't that, um a bit illegal?  Jeez, they would have probably forgiven you for bringing a Diet Coke or two with you to perk you up.

I've never taken heroin (Honest! I'm deathly afraid of the stuff) so I had to look up what heroin does to you. Apparently, people use it to feel a warm and safe feeling, and euphoria.

Do you really want to feel euphoric at a murder trial?

And it's easy to get caught, since in his case the heroin was in a cigarette box and set off  the metal detectors.

The teacher was kicked off the jury, of course,  and if he was looking for another court proceeding in his future, like his own trial, he'll be disappointed. He was charged with a misdemeanor, and if he keeps his nose clean and his mind out of the junk for six months, he'll be free without a criminal record.

Of course, his school is reviewing his future, so he may or may not have a job down the line.

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