Friday, October 19, 2012

Authorities to Lunch Lady: Make Crummier Food

The stereotype is that school lunch ladies do not have a flair for, um, preparing lunch.

Well, there's one Swedish lunch  lady whose food was so good, she was ordered to make her dishes less appetizing.
A Swedish lunch lady got in trouble for making
lunch more appetizing than this one.

It seems Annica Eriksson made the mistake of serving 15 kinds of vegetables and offering fresh bread to the school's contingent of fourth graders.

Not good, according to municipal officials in the town of Falun, Sweden. Eriksson's cooking talents were unfair to students in other schools, who at lunches that weren't quite p to Eriksson's standards.

Um, why not just leave Eriksson alone and figure out how to make lunches at other schools better? Especially since Eriksson was staying within budget, so she wasn't throwing public money out the window. Or into kids' stomachs.

The town fathers and mothers also say that Ericsson's food doesn't meet new health standards. Since when are vegetables unhealthy? She's not serving french fries.

Well, now the town has changed its mind.  Ericksson can continue with her veggies and freshly baked bread after all.  The whole dispute was nothing but a misunderstanding, and the change of heart has nothing to do with all the negative publicity, they insist. Of course not!

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