Monday, October 15, 2012

Vermont Sky Proves Fall Color Not Just in Trees

The sky over Vermont this evening was a perfect counter point to the fall foliage, was just beginning to fade to past peak.
Sunset over Lake Champlain, taken from St. Albans, Vermont
Oct. 15, 2012

As the sun set, the clouds lit up to the same tone of orange and red and yellow that graced Vermont's hillsides this month.

Even before the sun entirely set, the clouds took on a odd pattern and color. It looked fake, like a badly painted theatrical backdrop. And the trees below were the "wrong" color, orange and yellow, making the surroundings look like a different world.
Another view of Oct. 15, 2012
sunset as viewed from a
St. Albans, Vermont hill
A bit earlier in the evening, fall foliage on the ground
and a setting sun helped create "fake" looking colors and
textures in the clouds in this view from Georgia, Vermont
For the record, no photoshopping here.  

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