Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Brothel Trip by 14-year Old Financed by Selling Mom's Jewels

Oh, oh, oh, is this 14-year old in BIG TROUBLE over in Germany

According to Reuters (and you know you're in trouble if a major news organization picks up the story) The boy took two trips to brothels and financed the trip by hawking about $3,000 worth of his mother's jewelry for a little over a tenth of its assessed worth.

Did a 14 year old boy steal mom's jewels to go to
this scary city brothel district?
I guess this adds some logic to the viewpoint of that Arkansas politician who earlier this month said a death penalty for rebellious kids isn't such a bad idea.

You have to admit the kid was pretty brazen. Not especially truthworthy, though. Will this go on his permanent record? His mother is pressing charges, I noticed. I bet dinnertime conversation in this kid's home is a bit awkward at this point.

I wonder if the trip to the brothel was worth it. Did he at least get what he paid for? Or did they decide he was underage and he spent his money on nothing.

I guess the world's oldest profession inspires one of the world's oldest crimes: Theft.

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