Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tricia Paytas: Ditziest, Most Top Heavy Political Commentator

Lots of smart and well informed people will vote for Barack Obama. And lots of smart and well informed people will vote for Mitt Romney.

The woman in this post is a Romney supporter, but let's just say she's not necessarily the smartest and most well informed of his Republican's backers.

Listen to this woman's reasoning for voting for Mitt
Romney. She is memorable.
I wondered at first if this video is an act, a fake, but people who've watched it say no, she's the real deal. Even if her chest isn't.

She's Trisha Paytas, something of a YouTube star with her videos on makeup application. She even was a brief and extremely bad contestant on America's Got Talent, though judge Howard Stern certainly loved her chest.

Anyway, Paytas  has some interesting things to say about why she thinks Romney ought to be our president. For those who can't bear to watch the whole video, below (but it really is worth watching).

I worried that the spiked bracelet on her wrist as she waved her arms around would suddenly deflate her like the Goodyear Blimp hitting a radio tower, but things turned out safely.

Here are some choice quotes from this, um interesting person, Trisha Paytas, that explain why she is voting for Romney:

"I have Twitter so I sort of watched the debate. There was something about Big Bird and Romney won, Yay!"

 "Mitt Romney is super hot....He is super gorgeous and hot and we really haven't had a hot president since, like, Kennedy, but we all know how that ended."

There's 20 to 30 second period in the video where our Trisha stops and looks confused. Apparently, planes were flying over her house and distracting her. And we all know how distant planes always make us stop in our tracks. Or, as she says, "Ewwwww! Plane, go away!"

Other reasons she's voting for Ronmney is "My kitten is named Mitts so Yay!, like it's a sign, I think."

Also: "Mitt rhymes with tit and I have two of those."

Yes, Trish, you sure do.

Trisha invites us to go to Romney's campaign Web site because "you can buy some of his really cool t-shirts." She sees some good in Obama but ultimately can't vote for him. "I could use some Obamacare but I can't vote for him because he's going to take away my right to be a Catholic.."

All these quotes are fun to read, of course, but you've got to see how she delivers them in her um, hot video:

More power to her. She's laughing all the way to the bank.  If she can figure out where it is.  Her video had 1.6 million hits as of Sunday and counting. And good for her for putting herself out there and exercising her First Amendment rights.  Even if she doesn't know what the First Amendment is. Still, I always admire people who stand up and speak out for what they believe in.

I'm sure Mitt Romney is glad to have Trisha's support, but somehow I doubt she will be making any campaign appearances with him.  Especially if Mrs. Romney has anything to say about it.

 I've already highlighted some of her quotes, but to get the full effect, and to see some other quite memorable moments, you have to watch the video.  It is a gem:

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