Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sandy: It's Obama's Fault, Say the Theorists

I knew as soon as they said Hurricane Sandy would be a very huge, very weird, very destructive storm for the U.S. that the conspiracies would start flying immediately.

And they have.
As this comic from Infowars shows, a number of
people think Obama is controlling the
weather for his politcal gain

The inevitable theory is this: U.S. military intelligence has figured out how to control the weather. Obama has ordered a massive storm so that it causes widespread chaos, and now right before the election he can grandstand and say what a great job he does marshalling FEMA and other forces to help our citizens.

Then he would be a shoo-in for reelection.


Yes, I know all the conspiracy minded people out there are going to blast away at me and say I'm part of the coverup for scoffing. I'm sure I'll get trolled mercilessly but so be it.  People all hate it when their belief systems are criticized. Everyone. Including me. Including people who embrace, um, unusual theories.

There's tons of Web sites like Infowars that have lots of conspiracy theories. Some make sense and might actually be true.  Some stories on these sites actually are true.  A few are wayyy over the top

Here's my response to the Obama and Sandy theory:  There's got to be at least a few Romney partisans in military intelligence. And it would take quite a team to help Obama steer a deadly storm into the U.S.

Someone from that team, the Romney guy, surely,  would be outraged at Obama's efforts to control the weather and unleash a deadly storm on the U.S. This outraged person would find and steal some proof that Obama is doing this and mention it to the press.

Yes, yes, the press is part of the coverup, say the conspiratorial types. But I know how the media operates. If anybody got a bombshell like this, they would broadcast it so big. It would be beyond the story of a lifetime.

And when the story got out, do you think people would vote for Obama knowing he created a storm that killed a bunch of people and wrecked half the East Coast? The mildest thing that would happen to Obama in that situation is he'd be tried for treason and executed.

Even if Obama got away with it initially and nobody found out about his evil storm deed before the election, it would come out later. And he'd be impeached quicker than you could say "John Boehner."

And I'm surprised, if weather modification really existed, that nobody's proven it to the public. For years, the suspicious ones have been talking about HAARP, which supposedly is the Pentagon's High Prequency Active Auroral Research Program, which, under the theory, has been causing all those weird storms that have been hitting the U.S. and elsewhere for years.

 I know the conspiracists say they have proof and the main stream media is once again  covering it up.  However I don't think Fox News, for example, would keep their mouths shut.

I know I'm spelling this all out too much, but it's fun to do so. Say what you want about Obama. Love him or hate him. But no, he didn't cause Hurricane Sandy.

But go ahead and write out the evil Obama/Sandy narrative. It might make for a profitable screenplay or something.

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