Friday, February 8, 2013

666: Tennessee Man Finds His Job, Taxes Way, Way Too Devilish

Anything to do with taxes really feels like the devil's work, We all know that.

But things went to an extreme for a Tennessee man when the number "666" came up and freaked him out enough so that he quit his job, according to the Tennessean newspaper
In this image from the Tennessean newspaper
Walter Slonopas confronts a tax form with the
dreaded number "666" on it.

Seems Walter Slonopas, 52, got his W-2 tax form from the company where he'd worked, Contech Castings LLC in Clarksville Tennessee. There, on the form was the number "666"

Slonopas, who describes himself as a born again Christian, said any connection with the mark of the devil, and 666 being a principal connection, means he has to avoid it at all costs. So he took the big step of just quitting his job.

The paper explains the problem:

"The number 666 first appears in Chapter 13 of the New Testament book of Revelation, which describes a Satanic figure called the beast or Antichrist who takes over the world and stamps everyone with a mark bearing 666. According to Revelation, no one will be able to buy or sell anything without that number stamped on them."

As far as I know, things aren't that dire yet. It appears if you want to do business with Contech Castings LLC, there is no need to have any involvement with 666 or the Antichrist.

Far be it for me to interfere with someone's religious beliefs, but if I were in his shoes, maybe I wouldn't go so overboard with this. Especially since the company says the 666 refers to the order in which the W-2 went out in the mail.

And what can this guy do, since 666 crops up everywhere. What if he gets lunch and the bill comes to $6.66? Or his town gets 6.66 inches of rain. Or he goes into a building with a 6X6X6 window?

Still, I can see why Slonopos is a little freaked out, given he was twice accidentally assigned the number "666" as the one to use when he used the time clock. Both times, the company quickly gave him a new number.

But 666 has cropped up again, and Slonopos has had enough. A spokesman for Contech says they're really sorry, that Slonopos is a nice guy and a great worker, and they would love to rehire him, according to the Tennessean.

I think God needs to intervene to sort this out. But the devil can stay out of it, thanks.

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