Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Grand Central Lights

Grand Central Terminal is having its 100th birthday, so there's been a lot of cool celebrations.

One involved a bunch of people holding little LED lights, camera flashes and the like to create a nice show for commuters.

Here's how the organizers describe it:

"On the evening of Grand Central Terminal’s 100th birthday, 135 Improv Everywhere participants staged a surprise performance in the grand windows on the terminal’s west side. Equipped with a variety of LED flashlights and camera flashes, performers appeared suddenly and unannounced along three floors of windows, creating a shower of light for the commuters and tourists below."

By the way, many of us call the historic structure Grand Central Station, but we're told the proper terminology is Grand Central Terminal, just so you know.

Here's the fun video of the event, which includes lots of nice crowd reactions: Happy Birthday, Grand Central!

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