Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Weekend Gone to the Dogs

It's a slow, cold winter weekend here in  St. Albans, Vermont. It just snowed. It's windy and cold and I don't feel like going outside just yet.
Bailey on high alert last fall. 

There's not much happening out in the world, it seems, except for that blizzard in other parts of New England.

So, I'm giving the day over to the dogs. I've been editing photographs, including some of our dogs. Jackson, the black cocker spaniel, and Bailey, the tan, well, I don't exactly know his entire lineage, will have to fill in and grace this page for now with random pictures of themselves.

But nobody can resist adorable or handsome dog images, so it's all good.
Jackson on not-so-high alert last fall.  
Bailey strikes a come hither pose
Jackson embraces winter
His day as guard dog and old sage finished, Bailey
gets some well deserved rest.
But as always, Jackson demands attention

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