Saturday, February 2, 2013

After Police Chase, Suspects Huffs Nitrous Oxide

If you need proof that somebody is having a worse day than you, I have it right here.

What do you do when you lead police on a chase and they disable
your car? Snort Nitrous oxide, of course!
After a short police chase in which the cops disabled the car they were after with spike strips, the guy inside the car wouldn't come out, despite the demands of the police surrounding him.

Instead, he spent what seemed like the longest time filling up balloons from a nitrous oxide tank in the passenger seat and frantically inhaling as much as possible. 

KABC-TV  in Los Angeles reports that Jorge Sanchez, 22,  is being held, and was scheduled for a medical evaluation, which seems like a very good idea.

The cops finally got him out of the nitroux oxide bliss by breaking a car window, unlocking the vehicle and dragging Sanchez out to be arrested.

Seems like a major drug problem to me, and we hope he gets well soon. And we hope he gets over the embarrassment of huffing nitrous oxide all over the Internet for millions of us to gawk at. Including me.

Fast forward to about five minutes into the video to watch the spectacle:

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