Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love Hits at Any Age, Which is Wonderful

I have a serious bias against the wedding announcements in the Sunday New York Times. Maybe I'm unfair, but they seem so pretentious. This elite groom married this elite bride and they're so beautiful and so rich and so talented and so popular and so perfect and did I mention rich?
Newlyweds Robert Mitchell Haire and Ada Laurie Bryant

I always want to gack at this self-congratulatory boasting.

Then, a couple Sunday ago, the Times ran the story of the marriage of Robert Mitchell Haire, 86,  and Ada Laurie Bryant, 97

The nice thing about the article was that, unlike so many stories about people marrying late in life, this piece was not a condescending "aren't they cute" puff piece.

It reads as a just the facts ma'am account of their courtship and wedding. And it proves that love can strike anytime, anywhere, unpredictably.

I was struck by Mr. Haire's assertion that navigating love, and doing the right thing, doesn't change over the decades. 

All the butterflies are still there, which is a great thing. This is how Haire describes the courtship:

“I was desperately trying to strike a balance between too timid or bold. I didn’t want to mess things up,” he said about the courtship. “I can attest that it doesn’t get easier even in advanced age.”

Well, he obviously succeeded. Kudos to anyone who makes love grow, no matter who or what it involves.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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