Saturday, February 9, 2013

Smoke On A Plane As Bad As Snake With This Family

As of Saturday afternoon, flights are resuming in the Northeast, slowly, after that huge blizzard.

The airlines don't need anything else to screw things up for them, so let's hope the McNeil family of Canada don't have any flights booked.
The McNeil family regroup in Bermuda after
their court case, and their truncated vacation

Smoking has long been banned on flights, but members of the family were alleged to have lighted up on a flight earlier this month from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada to the Dominican Republic. And when told not to smoke, they got all huffy about it, according to the airline.

The Sunwing Travel Group says the family was so disrupted and disorderly that flight was diverted to Bermuda, where David McNeil, 54, pleaded guilty to a charge of  behaving in a disorderly manner and Donna McNeil, 52, pleaded guilty to disobeying a lawful comman on a flight.

As an aside, "disobeying a lawful command" sound awfully hifalutin for doing something like not turning off your cell phone, but I digress.

Sunwing is also reportedly seeking $50,000 from the McNeils, because the diversion was expensive for them.  The 160 passengers had to stay overnight in Bermuda while things were sorted out, and Sunwing had to pay for the passengers' hotel stay.

Of course, there are worse things than being forced to stay overnight in Bermuda, but I'm sure a lot of people were anxious to keep going on to the even warmer Dominican Republic.

Apparently, the Smoking McNeils went back to Canada once they resolved their legal issues in Bermuda. I'm guessing Sunwing didn't let them back on their planes.

I'm sure the McNeil family is busy, now, though, since their story is all over the Internet. 

I haven't been able to find anything from the McNeils for their side of the story, even though they said they'd make a statement once they got back home.

They're probably snowed in from that blizzard. I bet they wish they didn't smoke and get belligerent on that plane. They'd be in sunny Dominican Republic and not shoveling snow. Oh well.

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