Saturday, February 16, 2013

Skin Care Product Advertising Totally Freaks Out Innocent People in Airport

So you're sitting in the departure lounge at the airport, waiting for your flight, minding your own business and somebody sits down near you with a newspaper. On the front page of the paper is news of a criminal on the lam. The picture on the accompanying story shows you.

You look up at the TV. CNN or something like that is on. It's showing breaking news of a wanted criminal the police are looking for. The criminal is described as dangerous and unpredictable.

Then the public address system comes on in the airport. Same news. They're looking for a dangerous person and they describe you. Everybody in the terminal turns to nervously look at you. Should they apprehend you? Call the police? What should you do?

All this happened recently in Germany, when nice normal people suddenly found themselves at the center of a manhunt.

This perfectly normal woman, with no criminal
record, suddenly finds herself the subject of a
massive criminal manhunt
Turns out it was a prank from the German skin care company Nivea, to demonstrate how their deodorant protects you in even the most stressful situation.

I don't know. Isn't this taking things too far? Nivea said the people they targeted signed all the necessary releases for the ads and things worked out well and amicable.

But what if there were somebody in the airport that didn't get the joke?  You get some yahoo who thinks he's a hero and whips out his gun and kills the "wanted criminal" that's all over the airport TVs and newspapers.

Or people, and there are some stupid ones out there,  later don't understand that you were the victim of a prank, and not a criminal. Will a few strange people forever think of you as someone who did something very, very wrong?

Or am I just being too paranoid, with no sense of humor. Here's the Nivea ad with the "wanted criminals" in the video below. It's in German, but you can fully understand what's going on.

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