Monday, February 4, 2013

My Superbowl Ad Choices

Everybody and their brother has weighed in on their favorite Superbowl ads. So I will, too.

In the comedy division, First Place goes to the Oreos fight  in the library ad. I've always wanted to create chaos in the library and here was my chance to do it vicariously.

In the not-comedy division, here's the one I shouldn't like. I'm not a fan of Budweiser and the ad is emotionally manipulative and certainly doesn't make me want to drink Budweiser.  But it is so sweet. (I'm a sucker for animals) and the Stevie Nicks track makes it very nice.

Another one that is at least as good, but I initially overlooked, is one for Dodge trucks, called "God Made a Farmer."  (Hat tip to my sister Lynn for calling attention to my oversight)

What's especially good about this one is, it makes you like Dodge trucks precisely because the vehicles didn't star in the video. Instead, it's a tribute to the people who use the trucks. In the background, famed commentator Paul Harvey is heard reading his essay "God Made a Farmer," while some beautiful still photography of farms and farmers roll past. This isn't a commercial. It's art.

So which on ads were your favorites?

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