Friday, February 22, 2013

Walmart, Fires, Scooters and Stress Balls: Two Crimes in the News

According to in central Ohio, Kevin Gillman, 26, tried to steal stuff from a Whitehall, Ohio, Walmart.

A petty theft at a Walmart isn't exactly shocking news, but this guy, who weighs nearly 500 pounds, cruised through the store on a motorized scooter, set a rack of clothes on fire as a diversion so he could steal electronics, according to the 10TV report

This big guy is accused of an
arson/scooter/theft crime at a Walmart
Well, hand it to Gillman, if this story is true, he's quite the determined guy. And he did succeed in distracted attention away from his crime, since store employees were busy hustling all the other customers out of the store. 

Trouble is, when Gillman tried to make his getaway, he ended up trying to go through a locked door. He had to drop his loot and flee. Foiled again! He was later caught at another Walmart trying to steal stuff, but this time it didn't involve fire.

I hope Gillman isn't too stressed out by the arrest. Then again, even places not meant to be stressful can by trying, judging by a report out of Britain.

According to the Blackpool Gazette, a man named Darren Baldwin, 44, in is in big trouble after going into a huge rage when he got fired from a job at a manufacturing plant that makes stress balls.

Talk about a guy who should have been sampling the merchandise!

Apparently, he punched a supervisor in the face and threatened others with a knife. A judge probably should have sentenced the guy to more time at the stressball factory, but then again, I'm sure the other employees wouldn't have liked that.

It would have stressed them out. 

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