Friday, February 15, 2013

Guy Vying to Be World's Most Hated With His Creepy Website

I swear Craig Brittain is trying to become the most hated man in the world.

Craig Brittain, under fire for his
"revenge porn" site
He's doing it through his Web site, in which he collects nude or explicit pictures of women from around the Internet, mostly from women "sharing" with their boyfriends or spouses. He then posts then on line, with their identities, for laughs and giggles, apparently.

Somebody will find a way to get him in trouble at some point, and they're working on it. But so far the Web site continues apace. In a departure from my policy of putting in hyperlinks for sites to which I refer, I won't do it in this case. Why give the guy more page views? He doesn't deserve it, or the ad revenue it could bring.

According to the Colorado Springs Independent, the first news outlet I could find that reported on Brittain, so called "revenge porn" sites have always lurked on the Internet. People who were jilted take revenge by posting explicit images of their ex's on line.

Brittain says he's not doing anything wrong. Ugh. Here's what he says, according to the report from CBS Denver.

“I call it entertainment. We don’t want anyone shamed or hurt we just want the pictures there for entertainment purposes and business. I would say our business goal is to become big and profitable.”

Um, if an explicit photo of a woman appears on the site that she doesn't want anybody to see, and people see it, aren't you shaming or hurting someone?

Most online pornography I presume features people who consent to having their sexy images distributed. On Brittain's site, they don't.

 According to the Colorado Springs Independent, an attorney named Marc Randazza wants to take Brittain's site down. Randazza says he's fine with porn sites as long as the subjects are consenting adults. Randazza says he's defended many porn sites right to exists

But he's not fine with Brittain's site. Here's how the Colorado Springs Independent wrote about it:

(Brittain's site, ) and sites like it profit from, he argues, is the exploitation of a person who has taken a photo of themselves in a sexual manner, to be shared with the person or persons of their choice. They didn't take that picture for the entire world to see.

Making Brittain even creepier, if a woman wants her images removed from Brittain's web site, he'll do it, but for a steep fee.

Here's how CBS Denver describes what happens:

Many have begged Brittain to remove their photos, something he says can happen, for a price. A link on his site takes people to another site of a purported “Takedown Lawyer” named David Blade III. For a fee of $250, the purported lawyer would have people’s photos removed.

However Dr. Nicholas Weaver, a Ph.D. researcher in Network Security conducted a forensic computer analysis on emails from Craig Brittain and David Blade III. Weaver concluded that emails from David Blade III and from Craig Brittain were “likely sent not just from the same IP address but from the same computer.”

The conclusion that attorney “David Blade” and Craig Brittain were using the same computer and same IP address has prompted many of the women to accuse Brittain of engaging in extortion and impersonating a lawyer.

White argues that if Brittain is behind the takedown service, he might have committed wire fraud and interstate extortion, both federal felonies. Plus, by impersonating a lawyer, he might have also violated state statute.

I predict that Brittain's Web site will be taken down by someone, somehow, soon enough.

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