Monday, February 11, 2013

Gary Busey's Latest Strange Diversion: Hobbits

It seems like Gary Busey has always been a little out there. I don't know if it's an act, really him, or some combination thereof.

But he's been making videos! We had the classic from last year about how to molest an inner tube. Because I'm sure everyone wants a tutorial on how to sexually molest inner tubes.  Warning: If you click on the link to the inner tube video, prepare for a very disturbing experience.

Busey has since moved on to the topic of Hobbits. He's not molesting them, which is a great thing. He does, however have thoughts on them, in a video he posted just a few months back.

Did you know Hobbits collect and kill cockroaches and make necklaces out of them? Neither did I, but Busey explains it all in his video. He's also looking for people who were Hobbits in their past lives, so Busey can ease his insatiable appetite for information on hobbits.

Here's the strange trip of a video to start your week off on a weird note:

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