Monday, February 11, 2013

Novel Pope Resignations Theory: It Was Gangnam Style, Psy Antichrist Conspiracy

As everybody knows by now, Pope Benedict XVI is resigning effective February 28, making him the first Pope to resign, rather than just die in office, in nearly 600 years.
Is this guy part of an evil plot to rid the world of
Pope Benedict, install the Antichrist and bring on the End Times?
One person, at least, believe so, we think.

The pope says he's quitting because he's too infirm to fulfill his duties. Which makes sense. The guy's 85 years old. Being Pope is as lot of work, I imagine and not every octogenerarian is physically up to the task.

Of course, that's not going to stop other theories from cropping up.

Already, I've found what might be the most novel one possible. It's hard to follow, but apparently, the current Pope has to leave by February 28 in order for a false pope to approve the anti-Christ, and this is all somehow being accomplished Gangnam Style, and Psy, the guy who made the uber viral Gangnam style video is somehow involved. I think.

Does this mean the Pope is going to do a Gangnam Style video to celebrate his retirement?

The guy who made the video on the Gangnam Style theory on the Pope has a whole slew of YouTube videos with his unique take on the inevitable End Times. It's certainly worth  perusing his other videos just for fun.

But here, just watch, and try to make sense out of his Gangnam Style Pope resignation. 

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