Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gorgeous Photos From Projecting Movie Into a Blizzard

When you're stuck inside during a blizzard, you can get bored. Your mind wanders as you try and think of something interesting to do.
The effect you get by projecting the movie "The Lorax" into
a blizzard. Photo by Brian Maffitt

A guy in New York, photographer Brian Maffitt hit paydirt in that respect. It was snowing like crazy outside his window during last week's huge blizzard.

He wondered what would happen if he pointed a powerful projector out his window that was showing a colorful movie.  

According to an article in The Atlantic about his beautiful creations from the projector, he picked the movie "The Lorax," only because it was on the top of the children's list of movies on Netflix. I'm glad he picked such a colorful movie.

The light from the projector hit all those zillions of swirling snowflakes, and the results, posted on Reddit are stunning. Hit the link and see for many more examples than what I have here. So cool!

Go to Maffitt's Flickr page for even more.
Another view of what happened with photographer
Brian Maffitt projected a colorful movie into a blizzard

I want to figure out how he did it so I can try something like it during the next snowstorm.

Here's a great video Maffitt made of the projection into the snow. The music he picked works perfectly with it, too.  He said it came out even more magical than he expected. I agree.  Do watch this amazing video:

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