Friday, February 1, 2013

Loving Beyonce Because She Does the Diva Thing the Right Way

Beyonce yesterday answered the critics who complained that she sort of lip synced the National Anthem at the Obama Inaugural a couple weeks back.

She's going to perform in the Super Bowl, and she was at one of those dog and pony show press conferences that lead up to the Big Game.

There she was, looking splendid and glowing like a good diva does, in a stunning white mini dress and flowing brown hair.

She explained, as many professionals already have, that performers typically sing along with a recorded track of themselves during live shows under iffy conditions, like during the cold, outdoor inaugural.

Of course, that she sang along to a track essentially lip syncing last time, does she have the chops to really sing, with no help.

She decided to answer that question at the press conference by singing the Star Spangled Banner a capella for the assembled scribes at the presser.

Well, she nailed it, doing a better job than at the inaugural. And like the best divas anywhere, she finished her command performance, looked at the reporters with a confident smile and said, "Any questions?"

Perfect. See for yourself with this clip from YouTube.

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