Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Romance Can Hurt

Pity Anthony Brasfield, 40 of Florida.

He thought it was a romantic gesture, and it was. He was with his girlfriend recently and released a dozen heart shaped helium balloons into the air as he professed his love to the lucky gal.
A balloon like released by a guy in Florida as a romantic
gesture could land him in jail.  
She appreciated it, but law enforcement watching nearby did not. They busted Basfield for violating Floridan environmental laws with his romance.

It's true maybe Brasfield should have known better than to release the balloons. The remnants of the balloons once they come down to earth can trap, strangle, injure or poison a wide vareity of creatures.

Unnecessary animal deaths are not romantic, after all. But he probably wasn't thinking about animals. He was thinking about his love for his gal. That's forgiveable.

If convicted, Brasfield faces up to five years in jail. Let's hope he doens't get that. I don't know that it's fair to keep a couple away from each other when I'm guessing just some education on how to keep wildlife safe would do.

So, I wish Brasfield luck in court and with his lady.

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