Friday, February 15, 2013

Fun Song, Music Video From Gossip: Band I Never Heard of But Should Have

I love stumbling on fun surprises while idly wandering around the Internet when I ought to be working.

And there it was, a song called "Get a Job" by the group Gossip, which I understand has been around for nearly 15 years but for some stupid reason I've never heard of.  (Hat tip to gay news blog JoeMyGod for making me notice this. Not sure why this was on that site, Joe does post music stuff occasionally, and hey, it was a great find.)

Lead singer Beth Ditto has an awesome voice.  I took the time to poke aroumd some of their recent music. (instead of working) and it has something of an 80s vibe to me, but I mean that in a great way. It's a very catchy tune.

They had something of a hit with a song called "Perfect World" last year, but again, I was too clueless to notice.

The video for "Get a Job," just released this week, is below. It's extremely fun, at least in my twisted mind, and maybe yours, and watching it sure beats getting a job. Here it is:

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