Monday, February 25, 2013

Another Cruise Ship From Hell

We have another Cruise Ship from Hell on our hands.

We're all familiar with that cruise ship that was out in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this month that turned into a stinking, hellishly hot sewage boat with a few thousand people on board after a fire screwed up the power on the No Love Boat.

This "ghost ship" is out in the Atlantic somewhere
and nobody wants to take responsibility for it.
The latest cruise ship crisis involves no passengers unless you count the unknown number of rats on board.

It's a bizarre case. An abandoned cruise ship floating around the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with nobody wanting to touch it with a ten foot pole, much less wanting to claim ownership, according to

The Russian cruise ship Lyubovy Orlova was seized in 2010 in St. John's Newfoundland because a haulage company said the ships owners owed them $250,000 in unpaid fees, according to

In January a company began towing the cruise ship out of Canada, bound for the Dominican Republic to be broken down for scrap, according to Business Insider. But lines towing the ship broke, sending the poor Lyubovy Orlava drifting aimlessly and alone out in the North Atlantic.

Canada wants nothing to do with it, since its now in international waters and not Canada's problem. The towing company seems uninterested, as do the owners, or former owners of the vessel.

At last check, it was perhaps 1,300 miles off the coast of Ireland, and heading slowly in that country's direction. If it lands in Ireland, it might become their problem, and that country will want to seize assets from somebody associated with the vessel to settle the cost of dealing with it.

And I'm sure the good people of Ireland would not appreciate a dererlict ship for of rats showing up on their doorstep.

Or, Ireland could do what the United States did when a Japanese fishing vessel set adrift by the massive March, 2011 tsunami ended up in U.S. waters. We bombed it until it sank.

Hmm, I wonder if the passengers who had been aboard that ill fated cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico want that vessel bombed into oblivion, too, now that they're off that nightmare trip.

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