Monday, February 4, 2013

No Blackout on Superbowl Blackout Jokes

As everybody on the planet knows, the big news out of the Superbowl was not that the Baltimore Ravens won, but that the power partly went out in the Superdome.

The best thing about the blackout was the the jokes that came fast and furiously as soon as the power failure hits.
The Superdome was partly blacked out, which
led to a blindingly bright batch of blackout jokes

Buzzfeed posted some of the best Tweets about the blackout at 9:11 p.m EST. That can't be much more than an hour after the blackout.

Some of my favorites from the Buzzfeed list:

"In hindsight, maybe installing the Clapper was a bad idea."  (Look up the bad infomercial to see what I'm talking about)

Referencing Beyonce's incredibly athletic halftime show just before the blackout, someone wrote, "Just plug a generator into Beyonce's hips. Problem solved."

And somebody had to bring in Newark, N.J. mayor Corey Booker, who seems to have this big habit of always saving the day: "@corybooker U gonna fix this or what?"

Nabisco was on the ball. After having aired its great Superbowl ad about a riot in a library over Oreos, the company Tweeted a picture of an Oreo in half darkness, within minutes of the blackout,  with the sentence, "You can still dunk in the dark."

Walgreens got into the act with this Tweet: "We do carry candles," someone in their marketing department wrote.

Somebody else remembered back to the horrors of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, circa 2005, and the lame response from FEMA's director back then, and the infamous tone deaf George Bush quote that will live in infamy.  The inevitable Tweet when the blackout hit: "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie.

Finally, some practical advice for people who use the Superdome: "Do not use a toaster and a hair dryer at the same time."

And, taking a cue from a famous football show: "In Friday Night Lights, they lined up cars along the edge of the field and turned on the headlights.

Maybe Toyota, Dodge, Hyundai and other Superbowl sponsors could have brought their products in to help out.

In other Superbowl disasters, now that we have finally, allegedly gotten over the Great Superbowl Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction of 2004. (Yes it was that long ago and the litigation just ended last year) we have a new crisis.

The Parents Television Coun il is after CBS because it aired Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco dropping the F-bomb in celebration. Look for nine years of lawsuits over that little incident.

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