Tuesday, February 26, 2013

World's Most Bizarre and Least Effective Hailstorm Damage Control Effort

There was a terrible hailstorm in Mar del Plata, Argentina recently, the worst in at least 30 years, according to media reports.

As the hail poured down in torrents, we have a video of a guy on his car, flailing on the car roof trying to protect it from the chunks of ice banging down.

I can't imagine he protected the car much. He probably did more damage bouncing around on the car roof than the hail did through denting the car's metal. But at least he tried.

And don't hailstones hurt like hell? Some of them in the video look as if they were the size of golf balls, at least. I got clonked on the head by a nickel sized hailstone a couple summers ago and it kind of stung. And that was one hailstone. Imagine a spray of high-speed golfball sized hail pummeling you?

I  like the moment in the video when another guy comes out with a carpet and tries to put it on the car hood to protect it, but Flailing Guy was flailing so much that he was kicking it off. The man with the carpet quickly gave up and gets out of the hail.

On top of all that, this video is going viral and the whole world will see how much of an idiot he looked like in this hailstorm.

Watch for yourself for instruction on how not to protect property the next time it hails.

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